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Our most advanced signs of skin damage.This treatment uses a fractional carbon dioxide Laser use.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Promote smoother, more even skin texture
Reduce the appearance of the pigmentation
Correct signs of the advanced ageing
For the greatest improvements we recommend a course of fractional Co2 treatments combined with our skin conditioning treatments to help prepare the skin.

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles promote smoother more even skin tone and texture reduce the appearance of pigmentation correct signs of advanced damage to the skin


How does it work?
The laser passes light down to the deeper layers of the skin, causing controlled damage to the cell and triggering the skin’s natural healing process.
This process allows the cell to be trained to grow back stronger, firmer and faster, so skin become smoother, tighter and more even in tone.

Does it hurt?
It is our priority to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and we apply a light topical anaesthetic so you won’t feel much.
Only microscopic are of the skin are treated at a time, so it more comfortable than other laser treatments.

What downtime needed afterwards?
Afterwards, you will notice evenly spaced micro pin pricks on the skin, you may see redness and slight swelling these are normal side effect and only temporary.
We will supply you with aftercare products and advice to help protect your skin and speed up the healing process.
It’s essential to stay out of the sun in the days following the treatment, as your skin will be more sensitive than usual, if you do not need to go outside, apply plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses for added protection.

How many treatments to I need?
To get the beat result, we would recommend a course of treatments typically recommend 3-4 combined with conditioning treatments.

Why Us!

Our constant endeavour is to make people look good and feel better by enhancing their skin health and free them from the scourge of skin diseases.
SkinCity's position as one of India's pre-eminent skincare centres through world-class diagnostic and therapeutic services.
Our first priority is the interest, care and well-being of our patients; this takes precedence over everything else at the clinic. Professionalism – We adhere to the highest clinical and ethical standards laid down by the global medical fraternity. Lifelong learning – We are committed to fostering a culture of professional improvement through frontline research, cutting-edge technology and latest clinical practices on a continuous basis.
At SkinCity, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and best practices for ensuring high quality and safe care to our patients.

We take pride in SkinCity being a centre of excellence, providing expert care in a safe, clean, comfortable and friendly environment.

Clinical and treatment outcomes are constantly measured and analyzed to enhance operational processes and patient experience.

At our clinic you won’t find any sales people, but only highly qualified and experience professionals. All laser, injectibles and surgical treatments are performed by physicians.

We also assure that a patient’s priority, dignity and confidentiality are respected at all times.